Shooting Tips
Shooting Tips

Letís face it, everyone wants to score more goals. Review our ice hockey shooting drills, tips and tricks to get ahead of the competition. Developing a quick, accurate, and hard shot is something that doesnít come overnight and takes practice. Shooting off-ice is a great way to improve your shot and can be really effective if done correctly. Here are some more articles on shooting and scoring in the game of hockey!

    Hockey Shooting Tips

  1. Practice Shooting Off-Ice. Dryland shooting is a great way to improve your shooting power and accuracy when ice is not available. Use our Hockey Shooting Board to practice your off ice shooting on a synthetic ice surface.

  2. Develop All Shot Types. Work on improving all shot types (wrist, backhand, snap, and slap) each time you practice shooting. The Hockey Shooting Tarp provides a durable and long lasting hockey shooting product that is recommended.

  3. Pick A Target. Always strive for accuracy when shooting. Itís important to pick your head up and aim for a target when shooting. Our 2" Folding Hockey Goal with Backstop / Targets / Shooter Tutor are great for hockey shooting aim and accuracy.

  4. Use Proper Form. Proper form/technique is very important when learning to shoot the hockey puck, especially for beginners. Practicing your shot with the Shooting Pad is a great way to strengthen shooting muscles and improve your shooting form.

  5. Shoot Through Screens. Donít be afraid to use a defensemen or a teammate as a screen when shooting on goal. A low shot works best in screen situations and using The Ultimate Goalie (with its lift up device) is a great way to practice shooting for spots on net.

  6. Transfer Weight. Transfer your weight from the back foot to the front foot when shooting. This results in a harder shot because it incorporates your entire body (legs most importantly) instead of just your upper body.

  7. Developing A Quick Release. Practice getting off your shots as quick as possible. One-time shots are very effective and can be easily practiced with the Pass Maser.

  8. Roll Your Wrist. Roll wrist over when you shooting to increase velocity and accuracy.

  9. Shoot Hard. Always shoot as hard as you can (using good form) everytime you shoot the puck. Use a shooting tarp to catch those great shots while working on accuracy.

  10. Hit the net. Always put the puck on the net because missing is a missed opportunity for you and your teammates. Practice shooting on an official size net such as the Hockey Goal, Backstop & Corner Target Kit to improve your shots on goal percentage.

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